Industrial Staffing Reinvented

"We Need Great People, But Staffing Is Garbage!"

Sound familiar? These are the exact words spoken to us by scores of industrial hiring managers we met with years ago! They needed great people for their businesses, but they were stuck doing it themselves or using the only service available (traditional "temp staffing"), which inevitably resulted in poor-quality candidates, high-turnover, and wasted budget.

What's the problem? Well, "staffing" started as the "body business," popping identical cogs into organizations on a short-term basis. If a company needed an administrative assistant, a staffing agency would send someone over. It didn't matter if that person was really a fit. It just mattered that they had the basic skills to do the job for the week. Staffing as a service proved valuable in an era of unlimited, reasonably-qualified candidates -- so much so that the service flourished, staffing companies made piles of money, and companies became reliant on the service. Then times changed: positions became increasingly skilled and specialized in industrial companies, there were fewer candidates for many positions due to stigma against certain blue-collar industries, the quality of candidates became less predictable, and staffing companies became hyper-competitive with one another, which meant lower pricing, speeding up the recruiting process, and decreasing the training and experience of staffing employees. The result is what we have today: an industry that is finely-tuned to provide a service that isn't relevant anymore to companies that care about the long-term quality of their employees. In fact, staffing generally diminishes the quality of the company's product or service, increases turnover, and deteriorates company culture. Not what our clients want!

Suffice it to say, we realized that there was some room for improvement! We partnered with our clients and developed a service based on our clients' common objective: to find great long-term employees with the skills and/or high-potential to be highly successful. We decided that expert recruiters would be required to understand the complexities of our unique industrial clients. We decided to focus on direct placement positions so that we could attract the pool of candidates that would never consider leaving their jobs for "temp" positions. We decided to develop a pricing model that would match the cost of staffing services and then give clients the option to extend placement guarantees to whatever levels they wanted.

The result is XEMPLAR, our nationwide industrial recruiting service, that brings headhunting-quality recruiting to our client's core trades, manager, and specialty positions. Our placement success rates exceed traditional staffing by 3 times (80% vs. 25%). We learn our client's needs like we are an extension of their own company. Our pricing model gives our clients extensive options to manage budgets and establish generous guarantees for each placement.

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"The best way to find great industrial employees!"

- Steve, General Manager, Mid-Sized Equipment Company

Service Benefits

  • Work One-On-One With Expert Recruiters
  • Source Personnel Across Your Entire Operation
  • Drastically Increase Success Rates Vs. Poor-Quality Staffing
  • Choose Your Own Pricing Plan
  • Pay Nothing Upfront
  • Up To 12-Months Placement Guarantee


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