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Finding high-quality tradesmen is a huge challenge for today’s industrial employers. If you use a staffing service, you end up with poor-quality placements, high turnover, and wasted time and money. If you hire on your own, you typically end up empty-handed. Finding great tradespeople is hard, but it's not impossible with the right highly-focused strategies.

At Xemplar, we have built a better solution to enable best-in-class employers to find the high-quality tradesmen and tradeswomen they need to grow and thrive, leveraging the power of expert trades recruiters, targeted regional talent networks, unmatched standards, and innovative systems and marketing tools.

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- Steve, General Manager, Mid-Sized Equipment Company

Service Benefits

  • Source Hard-To-Find, Long-Term Tradespeople
  • Work One-On-One With Expert Trades Recruiters
  • Save Money You're Currently Wasting On Poor-Quality Staffing
  • Enjoy 6-Month Guarantees and Success Rates Over 80%
  • Allow Your Business To Thrive With The Tradesmen You Need
  • Stop The Turnover, Beat The Skilled Labor Shortage And Look Like A Hiring Hero


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