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When our clients told us that what they really need is a staffing and recruiting service that can deliver skilled "high-fit" long-term employees that they can invest in, we took it seriously and decided to design a whole new type of recruiting service for best-in-class employers. Now with nearly a decade of experience, Xemplar provides affordable head-hunting quality staffing and recruiting services to enable our clients to build the skilled teams that they need to deliver their high-quality products or services.

If your business requires employees with specific skills (such as machinists, mechanics, welders, designers, engineers, supervisors, etc.) and employees that have a high-fit with your company culture, then Xemplar can help. We hire only experienced recruiters who are capable of speaking the unique languages of specific skilled industry verticals. Our recruiters take the time to understand our clients and the skills, experience and career goals of our candidates.

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Our Mission

Xemplar enables the success of outstanding professionals and exceptional companies through expertise, careful understanding, hard-work, integrity and open communication.

You deserve a skilled workforce staffing and recruiting partner that can get the job done right!

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