Our Story

Recruiting great-quality employees is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today

Employers say they want high-quality, great fit, long-term employees that they can invest in and then benefit from for years to come, but traditional staffing services are notoriously bad given their obsession with bodies and volume and their inevitable result, which is headaches and high turnover.

We saw a giant disconnect and misalignment of the staffing industry with the needs of employers and we moved to take advantage of the opportunity in our home market of Utah to provide a service that enables high-quality, employee-centric companies to find the skilled and great fit employees they need to operate, thrive and grow.

Since 2013, Xemplar has proven itself by delivering a service focused on the recruitment of long-term skilled personnel and far superior to traditional staffing, sourcing exceptional great-fit employees, easing pressure on managers and HR departments, reducing employee turnover, and building the teams that our clients need to succeed.


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