About Xemplar

What Makes Us Different?

  • We focus exclusively on the long-term placement of high-quality candidates with best-in-class industrial employers.
  • We employ expert recruiters who understand industrial positions and industrial businesses.
  • We market to a higher caliber pool of candidates who are typically working but looking for better long-term opportunities.
  • Our services deliver an 80% success rate per placement compared to less than 25% for temp staffing services.
  • We are the most cost-effective hiring option for industrial employers available on the market. (Want us to run the numbers for you? Contact us today.)


    Why Do We Do What We Do?

    First, finding skilled talent is one of the biggest challenges facing industrial businesses in the United States. We saw a big, growing problem and we saw the opportunity to solve it. That feels good to us.

    Second, we are just plain tired of watching traditional staffing companies underserve quality industrial companies. From the beginning, staffing has focused on squeezing generic bodies into unskilled positions, not matchmaking skilled talent with great opportunities.

    Third, we just like helping people achieve the best in their careers. There is nothing more satisfying to us than matching a fast-rising individual with a great company that is willing to invest and support them in their growing career. In these situations, everyone wins. That's awesome.

    How Does Our Business Model Work?

    We have started a revolution in our industry. We begin with the goal of our clients, which is not to fill a hole with a body, but rather to find a high-quality long-term fit with the position and the company. We move on to our recruiters, where we hire experts with strong experience in skilled industrial recruiting and deep knowledge of how industrial companies work. We provide systems to our recruiters that enable them to expertly manage searches across multiple clients at once and boost those efforts with significant marketing investment. Lastly, we coach our recruiters towards achieving the long-term goals of our clients, which requires thoughtfulness, precision, hustle and patience so that we can find the right person for the job.

    Curious to hear more about how we are different than other services out there? Contact us today and learn more about us or take advantage of one of our free offers. We're happy to help!


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