Machinist Recruiting & Staffing

Industrial companies are increasingly finding themselves constrained by limited access to highly-capable machinists, whether it is CNC, manual, CNC programmers, or CNC machine operators. Demand exists for the company's products and services but a shortage of machinists leaves managers fighting to achieve growth goals. 

These firms  turn to Xemplar's machinist recruiting and staffing services to solve the problem. Deep expertise in machinist recruiting and staffing, a track record of successfully and predictably addressing the unique needs of our clients, and highly-effective and innovative technology combine to create a service that delivers transformative value to our industrial clients.

If you are a manufacturer or machine shop and are seeking great quality machinists, contact us today for a free consultation. A brief conversation with one of our team members about your company, your people and your recruiting and retention strategies can reveal multiple areas of opportunity for your team.