Talent Testimonials

We believe you deserve to be treated with the utmost respect as a job candidate and to work within a best-in-class organization that truly cares about its employees. That’s how we create a candidate placement experience that is unparalleled in our industry. See what candidates like you have to say about Xemplar.

"Outstanding staff, very professional. I highly recommend this company!"

                     - Steve L
"I worked for Xemplar for four and a half months before being hired on at my current job. I found them to be very professional and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone currently seeking employment."
                     - Rodney K
"Wonderful company, very helpful in my career advancement."
                     - Pat S
"They did an amazing job at finding a job that was well suited for me."
                     - Alexander W
"I personally had a great experience getting back into the workforce with Xemplar. I registered with them and, within 2 weeks, I was employed. The staff is very professional and helpful. I really appreciate the effort that they made in helping me make my job search stress-free and successful. If you are in need of work I highly recommend Xemplar. Thank you to the staff!"
                     - Walter D
"Xemplar was fast and effective. Once I had provided them with my resume, they called me as soon as they had a job offer in my field. Now I have a long-term job, thanks to them."
                     - Becky B
"[Xemplar’s recruiter] helped my husband get a job, and it has been a wonderful experience. They found a job in the area of work he has experience in, and it was a great starting pay. They were very professional and have found him a permanent job that he enjoys."
                     - Yvonne N