Our Process

Xemplar Skilled Workforce Solutions has a thoughtful and in-depth hiring process. This comprehensive process was developed to ensure that our candidates are matched with positions that they will love and have a high-likelihood of staying with for years to come.

The following is our basic 9-step process for identifying and placing candidates in great-fit long-term positions. 

  • 1. Job Marketing

    • Whether it's through our website or some other method, you recognize an opportunity that piques your interest and decide to provide us with your resume or similar application materials.  
  • 2. Pre-Screening

    • Our recruiters review your resume and see skills and experience that they believe is a good fit with one of our open positions. Over the phone or via email, our recruiters will reach out and explore your experience and the type of job you are looking for. The recruiter will also provide you some preliminary information about positions we think you might be a fit for.
  • 3. Employment Documentation

    • Prior to the secondary interview (in-person or over the phone by appointment), Xemplar requests that you complete our basic documentation. These documents may differ slightly depending on whether you are a candidate for a direct hire or contract-to-hire position. These documents can be completed on your computer or smartphone or in-person in our offices.  
  • 4. Xemplar Interview

    • In a follow-up call or an in-person interview, our recruiters will take the time to get to know you. What are your skills? What are your career ambitions and goals? What is your personality like and what kind of work environment are you a best fit for? We will then present some opportunities to you that we think you might fit. If one or more of those opportunities interest you, then we will move forward with presenting your candidacy to our client(s). If those opportunities seem like a poor fit to you or the recruiter, then we will keep a look-out for opportunities that are a great fit.  
  • 5. Presentation to Client

    • In a brief email, we will present your candidacy to our client, outlining your skills, experience and why we think you are a strong fit with their organization. 
  • 6. Interview with Client

    • If our client expresses interest, we will schedule an interview for you to meet with the hiring manager of the company. This interview is your chance to show our client how interested you are in the position and ask questions. It's their chance to get to know you and verify your abilities. 
  • 7. Post-Interview Follow-up

    • After the interview, we ask you to call us right away, while your interview is still fresh in your mind. How did it go? Were you interested? Did you have any concerns? We also follow-up with our client to see what the hiring manager's impression was. At this point, our client will share their thoughts and what next steps they would like to take (an offer, a pass, a skills test, a second interview with other key managers, etc.) 
  • 8. The Offer 

    • We work with the client to prepare an offer that we believe fits your needs. We reach out to you to discuss the offer and gauge your interest and excitement. If you accept the offer, we will schedule a start date and any necessary onboarding steps. If you decline the offer, then we will continue to consider other opportunities on your behalf.  
  • 9. New Job Support & Coaching

    • Whether you are placed in a direct hire or contract-to-hire position, our recruiters will take great pains to stay engaged with you in the first several months on the new job. For contract-to-hire positions, we will be providing your payroll and benefits and will be your main point-of-contact for attendance or any other work-related issues. For direct hire positions, our aim is to act as a coach and intermediary and ensure that you get settled in your new position.